EPA DMR-QA 34 Announcement.
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Important Dates to Remember for DMR-QA Participants:

  • March 21

    DMR-QA 34 Begins. Order PT samples and notify contract laboratories of DMR-QA

  • July 11

    DMR-QA 34 ends. All data to be entered on-line or mailed by today. All permits must be registered on-line by this date.

  • August 01

    Final reports sent by RTC via email.

  • August 15

    Contract labs forward graded results to the Permitee.

  • August 29

    Permit holders forward pages 10, 11, and a copy of the checklist to their DMR-QA Coordinator. Use a separate checklist for EACH lab that did testing for your permit (including your in-house lab). You do NOT need to send a copy of your graded results. RTC will send a copy of the graded results sorted by permit numbers to your state and EPA regional DMR-QA Coordinators.

  • October 10

    Corrective action process to be addressed with your DMR-QA coordinator by this date. If your laboratory uses a WP study for DMR-QA requirements, the deadline for corrective action is 60 days after your results have be received from RTC.

Helpful Hints for DMR-QA Participants:

If you are required to participate in study DMR-QA 34, your permit must be registered every year.

Remember to register your in-house permit prior to the close of the study that you are using for DMR-QA.

If you are a contract lab, register your clients'' permits prior to the close of the study that you are using for DMR-QA.



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